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This page is a resource page for PEP-Hawaii. The Prison Education Project began teaching virtual courses inside the Halawa and Kulani Correctional Facilities in Hawaii in 2022. PEP staff traveled to Honolulu in July 2023 do in-person workshops in the Halawa facility. PEP volunteers from Cal Poly Pomona visited the Olomana Juvenile Correctional facility in January 2024 to teach "Introduction to College" and "Introduction to Soft Skills" courses to youth in this facility. A team of correctional administrators from Hawaii participated on a panel at the PEP-CPOC-OYCR Forum, which was held at Cal Poly Pomona on April 26, 2024. We are laying the foundation for a robust and dynamic collaboration between PEP, Hawaii, and California. This partnership will provide higher education and employment opportunities for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated population in Hawaii. 

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