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How can you help?

PEP volunteers help by investing their time and sharing their personal experiences and knowledge. Volunteers expose in-custody students to substantive content that allows them to transform their lives. Each volunteer commits to one 60 or 90-minute session per week for seven weeks. Volunteers give presentations in groups in modules such as:  

Academic Orientation, Life Skills, Enrichment.

What is Prison Education?


Academic Orientation Module: Introduction to College, Introductory Courses in Math, Writing, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Astronomy, and STEM Fields

Life Skills Module: Career Development, Soft Skills, Financial Literacy, Forgiveness & Healing, Building Healthy Relationships.

Enrichment Module: Creative Writing, Creative Expression, Screenwriting, Film Studies, Shakespeare, Yoga & Meditation, Modern Dance, Creative Expression, Mindfulness

There are three 7-Week PEP semesters during the year: Fall, Spring, Summer. There is a mandatory orientation session for new volunteers at the beginning of each PEP semester. See PEP Course Outlines. Approximately 40% of PEP courses are taught virtually via Zoom. If you are interested in teaching a course with PEP during our 6-Week Summer Session 2024, which will begin on June 3, complete our Interest Form. Our Fall 2024 Semester Orientation will be held virtually on August 25, 2:00-3:00p.m. Fall courses will begin on September 23.

PEP student volunteers are from various colleges, including: USC, UC Irvine, Harvey Mudd College, San Diego State, Cal State San Bernardino
, UC Davis, Sacramento State, Claremont McKenna, Western University of Health Sciences, Cal Poly Pomona, Pepperdine, Pitzer College, Cal State Los Angeles, UC Riverside, Cal State Fullerton, Pasadena City College.

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